TCS Under Vehicle Monitoring


When Security is Paramount, trust Q-Free TCS SecuScan – The Under Vehicle Monitoring System

In today’s ever changing world, security is foremost on the minds of industry professionals. In response to this, Q-Free TCS introduces the SecuScan Under Vehicle Monitoring System.

Available as a fixed or mobile solution, SecuScan’s Under Vehicle Scanning System offers a premium level of higher security screening for important access points.

System Functionality

SecuScan scans and records the underside of vehicles in moving traffic with high resolution images in real time. Underside vehicle images can be “matched” with color vehicle photos and license plates for image control, audit and security.

All data imagery is archived for operator retrieval and analysis by license plate number. Images can then be reviewed with “zoom” capabilities for extensive inspection and control purposes.

System “matching” of the underside of the vehicle will confirm access by comparing the underside of the current vehicle with the previously saved image.

SecuScan System Benefits

  • Highly mobile for temporary applications with speeds up to 35 mph
  • High resolution imagery with tremendous “zoom” capabilities
  • Automated license plate capture with underside vehicle “matching”
  • Extensive statistical analysis on collected vehicle data.

Like all of our solutions, each SecuScan installation can be customized to meet your specific requirements and specifications.


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